When it comes to managing a business, reliable transportation can be a game-changer. Whether you are delivering goods, transporting equipment, or travelling between job sites, having a dependable vehicle is essential. However, investing in a fleet of vans can be a significant financial burden. That is where long-term van hire for work comes in. This flexible and cost-effective solution provides businesses with access to high-quality vehicles without the hefty upfront costs and maintenance responsibilities.  

In this guide, we will cover the benefits of long-term van hire, what to consider when choosing a rental service, and how this option can streamline your operations and boost your bottom line. 

Why A Business Might Need To Hire A Van Long-Term

In our experience, companies with seasonal peaks and troughs have the highest demand for long-term van hire. However, many other types of businesses also benefit from long-term van rentals:

Benefits of Long-Term Van Hire for Work Purposes

The benefits of long-term van hire compared to leasing or purchasing are extensive, but the primary advantages our customers appreciate most are:

No Deposit

Fixed prices – no hidden costs

Full service by in-house maintenance team every 10,000 miles

Same day vehicle replacement

Fair and independently addressed end of hire damage costs

No balloon payments at the end of your rental.

Vehicle and package flexibility

Comprehensive coverage including fair wear and tear

Unparalleled service

Tax benefits

State of the art vehicle telematics (12+ months packages only)

Whether your business needs to rent a van for 3, 12, 24 or 36 months+, we have a contract to suit your needs:

View our flexible and competitive long-term van hire packages to help you decide which one is right for your business.

Factors to consider when renting a van for work

When your livelihood is at stake, it is essential to make informed choices when it comes to hiring a van for work purposes, particularly when hiring long-term. Here are some key considerations to ponder before committing:

  • Choose the right van for your needs

    Size, capacity and practicality requirements will all play a role in your van choice. For instance, if you want the van for transporting people rather than goods, you will need a vehicle with more passenger capacity and less storage space. Your van rental company will help you gain clarity on the ideal vehicle for your business needs.

  • Prioritise reliability, convenience, and service.

    Choose companies that deliver personalised, efficient, and dependable service, like ours. Long-term van hire customers benefit from a dedicated account handler committed to building a personalised relationship with you and your business. The convenience of having a direct mobile number to call for assistance is a significant advantage, as our customers appreciate not having to endure long hold times, unlike with other companies.

  • Choose van hire companies that offer flexible booking options

    Online booking streamlines the process and lets you select the vehicle that best suits your needs. Whether you need a Luton Van for house clearance work or a small van to courier parcels, a user-friendly platform makes finding the right vehicle easy.

  • Suss out hidden fees

    Some rental companies may charge additional fees, such as cleaning fees, late return fines, or additional drive charges, which could add up to a hefty unbudgeted payment at the end of your contract. Luckily, at Pace Van Hire, all our prices are inclusive and fixed to help our customers budget accurately and enjoy a seamless rental experience with us.

  • Flexible hire packages and cancellation policies.

    We understand that plans can change, particularly in business. That’s why it is vital to understand the cancellation policy of your chosen van rental company. Pace Van Hire offers flexible cancellation options and flexible long term van hire packages – you are able to change your vehicle or your package at any time during your contract – to accommodate your changing business needs.

  • Understand rental charges

    Enquire about all the charges involved including the daily/monthly rate, mileage fees, and any additional costs. Some companies, like ours, offer comprehensive van hire packages that include servicing & MOT, road tax, breakdown cover, telematics and dash cameras, fair wear and tear cover, and delivery and collection etc.

Long-Term Hire: What Vans Are Included?

At Pace Van Hire the following vans are included in our long-term hire packages:

  • Small van
  • Luton Van
  • Short Wheelbase van
  • Single Cap Tipper
  • Long Wheelbase van
  • Double Cap Tipper
  • Extended Long Wheelbase van
  • Dropside/Flatbed Van

Long-term van hire can significantly streamline your operations and boost your bottom line by providing reliable and flexible transportation solutions without the hefty upfront costs of purchasing a vehicle. This option allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands, ensuring they have the right vehicles available when needed. Additionally, with maintenance and servicing often included, companies can avoid unexpected repair costs and downtime, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. The convenience of having a dedicated account handler and easy access to customer support further enhances operational smoothness, allowing you to focus on core business activities and increase profitability.

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