Telematics technology is widely deployed across a diverse range of industries, offering solutions for greater operational efficiency and asset management. In construction, telematics aids in equipment tracking and theft prevention, while healthcare leverages it for ambulance tracking and remote patient monitoring. Agriculture benefits from precision farming through telematics and uses it for monitoring infrastructure and managing vehicles. 

In our biased opinion, the transportation and logistics industries benefit the most from telematics’ genius, by facilitating fleet management, route optimisation, and driver behaviour analysis. Automotive applications include vehicle tracking, diagnostics, and connected care services. Let’s not forget aviation either – how else would we monitor aircrafts so efficiently? Plus, the insurance sector reaps the benefits too for usage-based insurance programmes and assessing driver habits to determine premiums. Even the government and public services employ telematics for public transportation tracking and emergency services coordination.  

From the fusion of telecommunications and informatics, telematics was born, representing the seamless integration of these two fascinating sciences. In this article, we delve further into the world of vehicle telematics and how it can benefit businesses hiring a van on a long-term contract.

What Is Vehicle Telematics?

Vehicle telematics is a technology that blends telecommunications and informatics to send and receive real-time information about vehicles. This involves using smart devices in vehicles to collect and share data like location, speed, mileage, and fuel usage. The collected data is then analysed to gain insights into vehicle performance, driver behaviour, and overall fleet management. 

Vehicle telematics encompasses much more than just GPS tracking. While GPS tracking is a fundamental component, telematics involves the integration of various technologies to collect, transmit and analyse a wide range of data related to vehicle and driver performance. 

For fleet managers, telematics is a dream come true, offering a holistic approach to monitoring, managing, and optimising individual vehicles and whole fleets. The real-time data and insights about vehicles have become invaluable for improving safety, efficiency, and maintenance of vehicles.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Vehicle Telematics For Your Business

Your business will benefit from:

  • Vehicle visibility with vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Fuel management
  • Efficient fleet management
  • Safety and security features
  • Remote control
  • Cost savings
  • Insurance premium reduction

By embracing the future of fleet management with telematics, you will unlock improved efficiency, safety, and cost savings for your business.

Is Vehicle Telematics Available At PACE Van Hire
And What’s Included?

Yes! At PACE van hire, we embrace data-driven decision-making. When you hire a van from PACE Van Hire on a long-term business contract (12 months+), telematics will automatically be included.  
So, what exactly is included and how will it benefit my business, I hear you ask…

Discover The Power of Telematics For Your Long-Term
Business Contract Hire

Wondering how vehicle telematics can revolutionise your fleet management? Our state-of-the-art telematics provide real-time visibility into vehicle locations, allowing companies to efficiently manage and monitor their fleets. This technology offers a detailed trail of your driver’s day, detailing their locations and daily productivity. The telematics system monitors crucial aspects like speed, braking, and mileage, providing valuable feedback to enhance driving skills. The collected data contributes to a driving score, promoting improved driver safety and compliance with traffic rules. Real-time tracking facilitates accurate delivery estimates, fostering customer satisfaction and trust. Plus, with insights into fuel consumption and maintenance costs, overall expenses are minimised.

Let’s dive into the details of this game-changing technology that promises real-time insights, improved efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Live Location

Ever wished you could keep an eye on your van? With our telematics system, you can. Google Maps integration lets you search nearby areas, view street levels, check traffic updates, and more. The device ensures minute-by-minute accuracy, thanks to multiple satellite networks for the most reliable location tracking.

Feature Line Up

Our Walkaround App offers a daily vehicle check, individual driver score system, and a compliance dashboard. Telematics reporting includes a full suite, remote tachograph, and live location data. Plus, our First Loss Notification (FNOL) Camera System seamlessly integrates into telematics for added security.

Dashboard V2

Get real-time insights into your fleet’s live location, historical journeys, and utilisation—all in one dashboard. Tailor your view with bespoke reports that can be automatically sent to your email or run in real time. It’s your data, your way.

CO2 Reports

Promoting eco-friendly driving, our telematics devices monitor driver behaviour in real time. From acceleration to braking and idling time, we provide feedback and coaching to improve fuel efficiency. Optimise routes, reduce idle time, and contribute to fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Eco-driving and fuel efficiency: Telematics devices offer real-time monitoring and analysis of driver behaviour, promoting eco-friendly driving practices. By capturing data on acceleration, braking, idling time, and speed, these systems provide immediate feedback and coaching to drivers for enhancing fuel efficiency. Encouraging smoother driving styles and minimising unnecessary idling, telematics plays a pivotal role in achieving fuel savings and subsequently reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Route optimisation: Leveraging GPS technology, telematics systems facilitate efficient route planning by considering variables like traffic conditions, road congestion, and weather data. By recommending the most optimal routes, telematics help drivers avoid traffic jams and take shorter paths, leading to significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions through minimised idling time and unnecessary mileage.
  • Maintenance and vehicle health monitoring: Telematics devices excel in tracking vehicle performance metrics, including engine diagnostics, tyre pressure, and overall health. This data enables fleet managers to ensure proper vehicle maintenance, preventing issues that could escalate fuel consumption and emissions. Timely maintenance and early identification of potential problems contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

E-FNOL Reports

Our devices automatically generate comprehensive crash reports by detecting sudden changes in acceleration or impact. Gain insights into the incident, assess driver behaviour, and improve safety training programmes with the data collected.

Telematics devices come equipped with sensors designed to detect abrupt changes in acceleration, deceleration, or impact. When a crash occurs, these sensors are activated, recording vital data such as impact force, event time, vehicle speed, and collision direction. This collected information is then utilised to generate detailed crash reports. These reports provide valuable insights into the circumstances leading to the crash, enabling fleet managers and insurance companies to assess driver behaviour, incident severity, and potential liability. Beyond understanding accident causes, crash reports aid in enhancing driver safety training programmes and implementing preventive measures to mitigate future risks.

Speeding Report

Stay on top of speeding events with our telematics devices. Receive alerts when vehicles exceed speed limits, helping you address the issue promptly. Valuable insights into driver safety, compliance, and overall risk assessment are just a report away.


Access tachograph data in real time with our remote download devices. Enjoy time and cost savings, enhanced compliance management, and improved efficiency. Stay on top of your fleet’s activities with instant visibility into driving times, rest periods, and breaks.

Remote tachograph downloads empower fleet managers with instantaneous access to tachograph data. This immediate visibility includes real-time tracking of drivers’ activities, such as driving times, rest periods, and breaks. With prompt access to data, fleet managers can swiftly analyse information, ensuring ongoing compliance, identifying potential infringements, and taking immediate corrective actions when necessary.

Implementing a remote tachograph download device offers a myriad of advantages, encompassing time and cost savings, real-time data access, improved compliance management, heightened data security, advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, and scalability. By harnessing these benefits, fleet operators can optimise their operations, guarantee compliance, and elevate overall efficiency and productivity.

Remote Immobilisation

Enhance security with remote vehicle immobilisation, preventing theft and unauthorised use. Disable the engine in case of theft attempts or prevent employees from using company vehicles for personal reasons.

Remote vehicle immobilisation serves as a crucial security feature, safeguarding vehicles against theft and unauthorised usage. Key benefits include:

  • Theft prevention: Remote vehicle immobilisation acts as a deterrent against theft. In the event of an attempted theft, the engine is disabled, thwarting the thief’s ability to drive away.
  • Unauthorised use prevention: This feature also effectively prevents unauthorised use of vehicles. For instance, a fleet manager can employ remote immobilisation to curtail employees from using company vehicles for personal reasons, enhancing overall security and control.

POI & Geofence

Efficiently manage Points of Interest (POI) with our telematics system. Categorise locations, set up geofences for alerts, and stay in control of your fleet’s movements.

Points of Interest (POI) refer to specific, noteworthy locations relevant to businesses or individuals. In telematics systems, POI functionality streamlines the identification and management of these points. Here’s an overview of how POI operates within a telematics system:

  • Identification and categorisation: Telematics systems empower users to define and categorise POIs based on their specific requirements. Whether it’s customer locations, service centres, fuel stations, or rest areas, users can input essential details such as name, address, contact information, and a category for each POI.
  • Geofencing: Telematics systems often incorporate geofencing, allowing users to establish virtual boundaries around specific locations. This feature enables the setup of alerts or notifications triggered when a vehicle enters or exits a designated area. Geofencing proves valuable for applications such as tracking fleet vehicles’ movements around customer sites or ensuring adherence to predefined routes.

Driver Behaviour

Score your drivers’ behaviour based on real-time data, promoting safer and more efficient driving habits. Identify patterns and address issues promptly for a safer fleet operation.

Telematics driver behaviour scoring is a process that entails gathering and scrutinising data from a vehicle’s onboard telematics device to evaluate the driver’s performance. This device consistently records various parameters, including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and adherence to road regulations. Subsequently, these data points undergo analysis to generate a comprehensive driver behaviour score, providing a quantifiable measure of the driver’s overall performance.

The scoring system strategically assigns weightage to different driving events based on their impact on safety and efficiency. For instance, instances of aggressive acceleration or hard braking may contribute to a diminished score, whereas smooth and gradual manoeuvres would result in a higher score. Over a span of weeks or months, the system evaluates these events to establish a holistic understanding of a driver’s behaviour on the road.

Walk Around Check App

Improve safety and driver accountability with daily vehicle walkaround checks. Identify potential issues before journeys, reducing the risk of accidents and costly repairs.

The primary advantage of daily vehicle walkaround checks lies in the enhancement of safety. Through these inspections, drivers can proactively identify potential safety hazards or mechanical issues before embarking on their journeys. By meticulously examining critical components such as tyres, lights, brakes, mirrors, and fluid levels, drivers can detect and address any issues promptly. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of accidents, breakdowns, and expensive repairs, thereby ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users.

Plus, daily vehicle walkaround checks contribute to driver accountability and engagement. When drivers take on the responsibility of inspecting their vehicles before each trip, they develop a profound sense of ownership. This heightened accountability encourages them to take proactive measures to uphold vehicle safety and performance. The establishment of a culture of accountability fosters a safer and more efficient overall fleet operation.

MESH Tool PUCK Systems

Track and locate assets with MESH BLE Pucks. Bluetooth Low Energy technology ensures low-power, short-range wireless communication. Paired with POI and Attachments reports, receive notifications if equipment is left behind.

MESH BLE Pucks are compact, coin-shaped devices designed to enable users in tracking and locating assets, including tools and equipment. The MESH BLE technology seamlessly integrates wireless communication, sensors, and pairs with Telematics devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The utilisation of Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables MESH pucks to communicate efficiently with nearby Apple devices. BLE facilitates low-power, short-range wireless communication between devices, making it particularly well-suited for effectively tracking functionality.

When combined with Point of Interest (POI) and Attachments reports, MESH BLE Pucks empower users to receive notifications in case equipment is inadvertently left behind on-site, providing an added layer of convenience and security.

One System –All Your Data Is Under One Roof

We get it—deploying hardware can be complicated. That’s why we offer a diagnostic approach, letting you access all your data in one system with one login. Enjoy a seamless experience for you and your team.

Ready to boost your fleet management? Choose PACE long term business van hire for telematics-packed vehicles. With long term business contract hire (12 months+), you get real-time insights into your fleet’s movements. From tracking locations to monitoring drivers, our telematics offer a complete solution for efficient logistics. Enjoy features like vehicle tracking, diagnostics, and fuel management to enhance safety and reduce costs. Join PACE for seamless fleet operations and data-driven decisions. Drive into the future with PACE van hire – because control and peace of mind matter. Enquire today to find out more.

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