FROM £89.00

As the name suggests, the extended long wheelbase van is perfect for transporting long lengths.
If you’re looking to move scaffold poles or 4m length building supplies, this is the van you’ll need.

Average internal rear dimensions and payload
Height - 1.96m/6’5”
Width at the widest point - 1.75m/5’9”
Width between wheel arches - 1.36m/5’5”
Length - 4m/13.1”
Maximum payload - 950kg
Extended long wheelbase van Pricing
Off Peak (Mon-Thurs) – £89.00
Peak (Fri-Sun) – £119.00
5-day deal – £399.00
7-day deal – £499.00
28 Day Deal - From £1,350

This information can vary between different van makes and models within the same category. If you’d like to know the exact dimensions and maximum payload for your specific van, please check with your rental agent.

Why choose an
extended long wheelbase van?

If you need to work with 4m length building supplies, the extended long wheelbase van is the van you’ll want for the job. Hiring one of these vans will give you enough rear space to easily move objects like rolls of carpet or scaffold poles that wouldn’t fit in smaller vans. But even though extended long wheelbase vans are designed with this purpose in mind, they’re still a great choice if you’re moving home. You’ll be able to fit five or six large items of furniture in the back at the same time.

The extra length in these vans extends behind the rear wheel – they actually have a similar wheelbase and the same maximum payload as a standard long wheelbase van. This means that even though you get additional load space, you won’t be able to carry additional weight in an extended long wheelbase van.

Interested in extended long wheelbase van hire in London or Croydon? Call 020 7277 9853 to arrange your booking.

Things to know when hiring
an extended long wheelbase van

  • All our extended long wheelbase vans run on diesel.
  • These vans have tie down points in the back for securing goods. If you need straps, these can be purchased when you come to collect your van.
  • You need to be aware of the height of your extended long wheelbase van when you’re driving. Each van has a sticker in the window where you can find all the necessary information.
  • Each van receives a full service every 10,000 miles so that you don’t need to worry about reliability.
  • Breakdown cover is included with every hire.
  • We can deliver your van to you if required. Ask about this service if you would like more information.


If your vehicle comes with breakdown cover and you request to use that service then you will be bound by their terms and conditions. You will also accept any charges that the RAC or other breakdown service may present to Pace Van Hire including charges for Road Traffic Incident, Driver induced fault, Driver error etc.

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Harriet Vickers

Super friendly, easy and efficient van hire, at a really good price. Got us out of a last minute pickle when ZipVan let us down!! Would definitely recommend.
Elinor Whittle

Really friendly customer service and a great price. The van was in good condition, good to drive and there was minimal faff in the hiring process. Would 100% recommend and use again!
Shane Stagg

Brilliant bunch of guys! Fast clean and reliable. Great value for money! Great service! Would highly recommend, they really do go the extra mile to satisfy the customers!

Not sure if you need
an extended long wheelbase van?

If you aren’t sure that an extended long wheelbase van is the right fit for you, get in touch and ask us. We’ll make sure you hire the van that you need.

You can call us on 020 7277 9853 or you can email info@pacevanhire.com, newcross@pacevanhire.com, croydon@pacevanhire.com, eltham@pacevanhire.com


Extra-long wheelbase van FAQs

What is the maximum payload on an extra-long wheelbase van?

The maximum payload for these vans is 950 kilograms. It’s important to bear in mind that, although the wheelbase is extended to create longer dimensions, this does not mean that these vans can handle additional weight.

How long is an extra-long wheelbase van?

When you hire an extra-long wheelbase van you should bear in mind that they measure 4 metres or 13 feet and 1 inch in length.

Can I drive an extra-long wheelbase van?

To hire one of our extended long wheelbase vans, you just need to provide the following items during collection. You need a valid UK or EU driving license, proof of your current UK address, a licence check code, and a debit or credit card. A member of our team will be able to help you determine whether or not you have a suitable licence for this type of vehicle.

Do extra-long wheelbase vans have parking sensors?

This can differ between vehicles. If parking sensors are a must-have feature for you, be sure to double check while booking with us.

How heavy is an extra-long wheelbase van?

An extra-long wheelbase van weighs approximately 2300 kilograms.

Ace Van Hire - ULEZ

Heading into the ULEZ?

All our vans meet the Euro 6 standards, allowing you to travel within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) without paying a daily charge of £12.50. You’ll automatically be compliant when you hire from us.

Ready to get started?

The hiring process is simple and straightforward.
You just need to provide the following items when collecting your van:

A valid UK or EU driving licence

Proof of current UK address

A debit or credit card

Need a different size?

Micro Van
This van is ideal for moving boxes, small items of furniture and any bags you may have.


Small Van
Convenient for transporting smaller items, such as bags and boxes.


Short Wheelbase Van
Perfect for transporting 1 or 2 large items or 8x4 building supplies.


Long Wheelbase Van
This more sizeable van is suitable for multiple large items or 3m long building supplies.


Extended Long
Wheelbase Van
For longer and larger supplies of a 4m length such as scaffold poles, this is the ideal sized van.


Luton Van
Most suitable for removals. Will hold many household items at once and comes with a lift to move those larger items.


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Contact Pace Van Hire

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