Van Hire for a Week or More

Looking for a convenient way to move goods, tackle a large project, or go on a lengthy road trip around London, including Croydon, Cross Road, and Eltham? Our 1-month van hire service is precisely what you need. With options ranging from a week to a whole month, we provide the flexibility to match your schedule, whether you’re relocating, handling business needs, or setting off on an adventure. Our service is designed to be as accommodating as possible, ensuring you have the right vehicle for the right amount of time – no more, no less.

Van Options for 1 Month Van Hire

Our vehicles come equipped with modern amenities such as GPS navigation, air conditioning, and ample space to ensure comfort and convenience. From compact models perfect for navigating the bustling streets of London to larger vehicles designed for substantial hauls, each van is maintained to the highest safety and reliability standards.

Benefits of 1 Month Van Hire in the Local Area


Adjust your hire period according to your project's timeline, with the option to extend if needed.


Save money with longer-term hire rates, reducing daily costs compared to shorter hires.


Pick up and drop off your van in familiar locations across London, Croydon, Cross Road, and Eltham.

Support Local Business

Partnering with us means receiving personalised service while supporting the local economy.

Why Choose Us for Your 1 Month Van Hire Needs?

Choosing us for your van hire needs means selecting a service that’s not just about providing a vehicle; it’s about offering an experience tailored to your specific requirements.  

Here’s why you should consider us: 

Tailored Solutions

Every hire is personalised to fit your project’s duration, size, and complexity.

Local Knowledge

With deep roots in London, Croydon, Cross Road, and Eltham, we offer insights and advice that only locals can.

Trust and Reliability

Our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our business for generations.

Competitive Rates

Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring your one-month hire is affordable and straightforward.

Sustainability Focus

We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, offering fuel-efficient options for a greener hire experience.

Easy Booking Process

Arranging your van hire couldn’t be simpler. Our straightforward booking system ensures you get on the road quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to get started: 

Choose Your Van: Select from our wide range of vehicles to find the one that fits your needs. 

Contact Us: Reach out via phone or email for a personalised service experience. 

Pick-up and Go: Collect your van from your chosen location, and you’re all set. 

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Get in Touch

For seamless van hire solutions across London, reach out to us. Dial 020 7277 9853 for an immediate response or get detailed assistance via email. Whether your query is general or specific to our branches in New Cross, Croydon, or Eltham, we’re here to help:

General Inquiries:

Branch-Specific Contacts:

New Cross:

Your convenience is our priority, and we’re committed to providing swift, tailored support for all your van hire needs.



All our vans meet the Euro 6 standards, allowing you to travel within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) without paying a daily charge of £12.50. You’ll automatically be compliant when you hire from us.

FAQS on 1 Month Van Hire

What requirements must I meet to hire a van for a month?

You’ll need a current driving licence, a recent utility bill or bank statement for address verification, and a valid ID. We’ll guide you through the rest.

Can the van hire period be extended beyond one month?

Certainly! We offer flexible extension options, ensuring you have the vehicle for as long as you need. Please contact us in advance to arrange this.

Are there any restrictions on how far I can drive the van?

Our 1-month van hire comes with a generous mileage limit, designed to accommodate most needs. We’ll discuss specific allowances when you book.

What should I do if I have an issue with the van during the hire period?

A4: We provide 24/7 support for any challenges you may face. Just give us a call, and we’ll assist you promptly.

Can I return the van to a different location from where I picked it up?

Yes, we offer flexible return options. You can return the van to any of our locations in London, Croydon, Cross Road, or Eltham for your convenience.

Contact Pace Van Hire

Speak to our team.

If you are looking to hire a van long term and want to know more about our business contract hire packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You shouldn’t settle for second best when it comes to keeping your company operating efficiently. Give us a call on 020 7277 9853 or email for a swift response.