3 bed houseAnyone who has ever arranged and undertaken a house move will know how physically and emotionally challenging it can be.  Coping with a major life change alongside the physical upheaval of moving home can take its toll.  Thank goodness that as a professional van hire company, we are able to tick at least one job off your list…hiring the right van to remove all your belongings seamlessly.  However, you may be wondering what van you will need to ensure you get all your belongings in for the fewest trips/number of vans possible.  In this blog we specifically explore what size van you will need to move a 3-bedroom house… 

For a  3-bed house move we generally advise customers to opt for our Luton vans.  On top of their 900kg maximum load capacity they can also carry up to 500kg onto the van thanks to their tail lift function.  This help us move heavy items (like those popular American fridge freezers that we encounter so many of!) with ease.

How many goods can a Luton van hold?

Saying exactly how much furniture, boxes and belongings a Luton van is able to hold is quite difficult as there are many factors to consider, the main ones being:

  • How you load and stack the goods. Furniture items can be bulky misshapen and awkward, so it’s always safer to overestimate the amount of space you need.
  • What condition the items are in, and what condition you expect them to come out in the other side for example, items that are fragile or precious may mean we cannot stack anything on top of them or they need extra space left around them.
  • How many fragile items you have in total.

Generally speaking, the majority of our customers are able to move a 3-bedroom house in one trip with our Luton Vans and as a very rough guide we would say one of our Luton vans would fit the following load in a single trip:

  • 40 large boxes of personal belongings
  • 3-piece suite
  • Dining room table and stackable chairs
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • 3 kitchen appliances (white goods)

However, it is always worth having a chat with us prior to hire to clarify whether we think your items would all fit in one go.

How do you pack up a Luton van when moving house?

With years of experience helping clients move, we have put together a comprehensive, at-a-glance guide on how load up a van the right way to optimise space and avoid mistakes that could result in broken or damaged belongings – make sure you take a look.

Other recommended van options

The Luton van in generally best for moving a house of this size, but if you don’t feel confident enough driving and operating a large vehicle you may be better going for a smaller vehicle and doing a few trips instead.  Our long wheelbase vans for example, can fit five large items of furniture in the back.  They are also a good option if you are moving to or from a furnished property.

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