The payload of a vehicle is something you may have heard about in conversation, but are you confident on its meaning? In short, the payload of your Mercedes Sprinter will be the total weight of the load, as well as the weight of all passengers and the driver within the vehicle.

Calculating the payload involves an equation which can be made simple with figures from your vehicles handbook. These will be the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and the kerbweight. Subtracting the kerbweight from the GVW will give you your payload, and it is important that you don’t exceed this limit.

What is the payload for a Mercedes Sprinter?

When it comes to the payload of a Mercedes Sprinter, its payload in incomparable thanks to its construction. Below, we outline the payloads for varied Mercedes Sprinter vans. However, we would always recommend checking the GVW of your vehicle in your handbook, as Mercedes do occasionally provide the option of upgrading or downgrading GVWs. This will be especially important if you purchase your Sprinter as a used vehicle.

  • 314Cdi L2H2 Diesel FWD Van
    Maximum payload weight – 1,304 kg
  • 314Cdi L2H2 Diesel RWD Progressive
    Maximum payload weight – 1,237 kg
  • 315Cdi L2H2 Diesel RWD Progressive
    Maximum payload weight – 1,235 kg
  • 316Cdi L2H2 Diesel RWD Van
    Maximum payload weight – 1,264 kg
  • 314Cdi L3H2 Diesel RWD Van
    Maximum payload weight – 1,078 kg
  • 315Cdi L3H2 Diesel RWD Progressive
    Maximum payload weight – 1,084 kg

What happens if you exceed the payload?

If you exceed the payload for your Mercedes Sprinter, the repercussions can vary. Exceeding your allowance by 5-10% could see you being faced with a fine of £100, and this penalty cost will increase dependant on how much you exceed your limit. Anything over a 30% increase can result in a court summon, on which you penalty will be decided upon dependant on varying factors. It is important to remember that if you are renting your Mercedes Sprinter from a hire company, these charges will be combined with any required by the provider.

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