When hiring your van, we can place a bet on the fact that you will want it to be working at its optimum ability! Within the world of drivers, there are a handful who could unknowingly be causing damage to the operation of the vehicle purely by the way in which they drive it. Are you guilty of any of any of these?

Overused acceleration

Overusing your accelerator whilst on the road may seem harmless, but it can in fact result in damage to the clutch as well as early signs of wear and tear to the engine itself. Whilst remaining within the stated speed limit, keep the use of your acceleration steady. You may even, on occasion, be able to remove your foot from the pedal altogether if you find that you have gained sufficient momentum.

Incorrect changing of gears

Changing gears can be one of the most common causes for confusion amongst drivers with many often shifting at the wrong time. Changing too early or late can cause unnecessary strain to the engine. Let’s take the time for a quick recap lesson. A lower gear can supply your vehicle with more power, ideal when travelling uphill or in hazardous weather conditions. A higher gear allows you to travel at a greater speed, ideal for motorways or flat, open roads. Be sure to use the correct gear for the road type you are driving on and, if you feel the van straining, adjust your gear choice accordingly.

Failure to brake when needed

Failing to brake when required could risk causing damage in a range of areas, from the suspension, tyres and steering of your van to other road users and pedestrians. It is highly important that you judge the road ahead, allowing you to adjust your speed with the brake pedal safely. Steering around a bend or driving over a pothole at a great speed could result in you losing control of the vehicle altogether whilst also damaging other aspects of the van, so be smart when it comes to your brake.

Driving on the clutch

Driving on the clutch is a habit which is commonly seen amongst drivers and one which, in driving lessons, is strictly monitored due to the damage it can cause. Rolling around junctions, roundabouts or simply down a straight road with your foot pressed on the clutch can be an expensive habit, resulting in problems such as a worn-down disc or failing clutch, preventing the van from being driven entirely and resulting in a costly repair or replacement. You should make a conscious effort to release the clutch after braking and adjusting you gear, allowing the van to slow whilst you steer with full, damage-free control.

Here at Pace Van Hire, we have a range of vehicles available for hire and will be happy to walk you through the safest ways to drive them before they are driven off of the forecourt, keeping both you and the vehicle safe.  For more information, get in touch with our team today by calling 020 7277 9853 or emailing us at info@pacevanhire.com.

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